HAWK Institute Services/Programs

A common assertion in today’s society is “knowledge is power.” The reality is that knowledge is power only when it is applied in an intelligent way to achieve personal or civic goals. In addition to communicating directly with young Black men to provide information and support designed to help them become successful adults, the HAWK Institute will develop and offer structured programs that include components that link personal and cultural characteristics of Black boys and young men to foster an increased commitment to personal and academic success and strong character. It will also offer professional development opportunities to school districts and community-based organizations on best ways to be effective in educating Black boys. The various programs and services and their essential elements provided by the HAWK Institute are summarized below.

Speakers Bureau

The HAWK Institute founders make themselves available to speak to students and youth groups regarding ways in which their decisions can lead to either a more positive or a more difficult life, emphasizing the value of continuous learning. The HAWK Institute also maintains a list of professionals who are available to speak to youth and adults about such topics as:
• Health, wellness, and safety issues
• Employment and business development issues
• Public policy and community development issues

Leadership Academy

Scheduled to meet at least two Saturdays each month with multiple objectives, including
• Direct academic support in math, reading, writing, and oral communication skills.
• Instruction and training in research, problem solving, and planning.
• Strengthening self confidence and ability to design own future.
• Introduction to interpersonal and organizational skills required to organize and lead teams of peers in a collective effort to accelerate personal, academic, and economic achievement.
• Exposure to internship opportunities with local businesses and employers.
• Counseling and Academic Advising – HAWK Institute will work closely with school personnel to enroll HAWK scholars in and help them successfully complete college preparatory courses.

Personal Development Coaching and Experiential Opportunities

Black boys and young men participating in HAWK Institute academies and programs receive mentoring, instruction and support designed to facilitate personal achievement with emphasis on the following factors:
• Values clarification, emotional intelligence, and personal responsibility
• Promoting healthy lifestyles and personal wellness.
• How to achieve your potential
• Habits of highly effective people
• The art of effective communication with peers and elders
• Building positive relationships with men and women
• Moral and ethical decision making

Parent Institute

Parent involvement is critical if we expect to achieve the results we all seek for our children. Building supportive relationships with parents of students to help them build the knowledge, skills and confidence in their ability is essential. In coordination with The HAWK Saturday Leadership Academy, parents will be given examples of how they can support their children at their respective schools and at home. Parents will be informed through our E-Newsletter and parent-specific workshops on effective parenting strategies, how to successfully engage with schools and how to navigate the school and district bureaucracy. The HAWK Institute believes that it is of the utmost importance for parents of Black students, and especially Black males, to be actively involved in the schools that their children attend and have the knowledge and willingness to convince school leadership to demonstrate a commitment to improved student achievement, including the courage to support necessary changes in traditional policies and practices.

Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship

The African American community is an important and vibrant part of the national and regional economic, social and cultural landscape. The economic contributions of the African American community are historically documented among its first settlers and prominent business leaders. Central to sustaining these contributions is creating an infrastructure that builds economic vitality and promotes opportunities for future generations. Toward this end, the HAWK Institute is dedicated to cultivating a talented cadre of young entrepreneurs who will ensure the legacy of generating economic wealth and prosperity for the African American community in particular, and the greater national and world economies.